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I missed being part of a team. Having played competitive soccer right up until I graduated university, sport had always been an integral part of my life from a young age — and I felt a little lost without it.

I was working at a tech startup in Toronto, which sounds cool, but it still had me sitting at my desk for 8+ hours a day. I decided to get my fitness instructor certification — just for fun — and partnered with a local lululemon store, offering classes to the community. Before I knew it, my classes were bursting at the seams. Once a week, friends and strangers from around the city would congregate for an hour of sweaty movement with good music, laughs and a lot of grunting. This community grew into what became known as HIIT with Hannah.

With the momentum from HIIT with Hannah, I decided to leave my job and test the waters as an instructor — which was a tough transition in and of itself. Even still, I kept my tech and marketing skills current by freelancing for clients around the world and partnered with my favourite app (FitRadio) to create digital HIIT with Hannah workouts. First and foremost, I aligned myself with some of the best studios in the city, intending to learn everything I could about the industry.

Being a native Haligonian born and raised, my heart has always belonged on the East Coast. After closely watching the fitness market for years, I decided it was time to move east and bring my vision to life at home. With my network spanning across Ontario and the Maritime provinces, I’ve always found a way to bring people together — often through a good sweat session (and/or delicious food).

MOVE EAST was born out of my drive to honour community. A place where human connection is cherished, where endorphins are abundant and where strength is found in every shape and size. MOVE EAST is a destination where friends and strangers find joy in movement of all types, together. That’s our story. We hope you’ll join us!

To all of the people who inspired me along the way and beyond — thank you. Much love!

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