Nicknamed ‘The Cabin’, this studio room is kept warm using infrared heating panels. Far infrared heat is a soft, therapeutic type of heat that feels similar to sunshine, without the UV rays. Instead of heating the air, infrared heat warms up the objects and people in its path, keeping the air clear and breathable. At MOVE EAST, we use the heat to level up low impact workouts in a fun and creative way. If you like to sweat, you’ll go nuts for these classes!



60 min

In this class, be prepared to feel the heat. This powerful flow will leave you feeling limber and ‘spicy’ by the end — using the heat as an ally to challenge our bodies and find strength in fluid movement. Prior yoga experience is advised.


45 min

A LIST (Low Impact Strength Training) uses swift, aerobic movements to elevate the heart rate without the use of high impact exercises. Get lost in the beat of the music and push yourself to new heights in this challenging, heated class that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.



60 min

The word ‘RETOX’ was coined to challenge the idea behind 'DETOX’. You can expect a slower practice that will fill your cup with soft movements and a peaceful flow. Embrace the heat and find joy in the ability to move your body freely.


45 min

B LIST (Low Impact Strength Training) is a form of resistance training that uses light dumbbells, balls, bands and other tools to build strength without the use of high impact movements. This class uses the heat and light equipment to generate a sweat you’ll never get tired of.




Held in our regular temperature training room — nicknamed the ‘The Field’ — our diverse class offerings ensure there’s something for everyone. Strength training, HIIT and kettlebell are our JAM. All of our classes are programmed to include a substantial warm up and cool down. Our knowledgable coaches focus on technique, so that you can approach your workouts with confidence. Step outside your comfort zone and try something new!




50 min

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a proven method for improving our maximal cardiorespiratory capacity — among many other benefits! This class uses a variety of equipment to help improve speed, agility and endurance in a fun and creative way. Think: a bootcamp, but better. Come prepared to sweat and move fast!


50 min

Commonly referred to as ‘rocks’, kettlebells are a multifaceted tool for building strength. This class will focus on technique and functional movement using kettlebells and accessory equipment. If you’re not familiar with kettlebells, don’t fret! Our knowledgable instructors will help guide the way.


60 min

Short for ‘Community Bonding’, this class is dedicated to supporting local charities and non-profits. A $10 cash only donation will be taken at the door, with 100% of the proceeds donated locally. You can expect a great sweat and an energizing atmosphere …all for a good cause. Open to the community.



60 min

This class is an ode to strength. Learn how to lift heavy and move weight in a safe and controlled environment. You can expect to use a dynamic range of equipment including trap bars, barbells, free weights, med balls and much more for a challenging workout that will leave you feeling like a POWERHOUSE — every time.


60 min

Level up your fitness game with this military-inspired workout that uses hard-style METCON protocol in a fun and accessible way. This class requires you to drop everything - doubt, fear, hesitation - and get in the zone for a uniquely challenging workout that will push your limits both physically and mentally.





60 min

If the sport reference was lost on you, that’s OK. This class provides you with the best of both worlds. Enjoy 30 minutes of strength (non-heated) and 30 minutes of mobility/stretch work (infrared heated). This class strives to offer balance for those seeking a well-rounded workout with max sweat potential.